Safety is extremely important to us. I promise this won’t be as boring as one of those airline safety demonstrations! Here are some tips to keep you safe:

Keep your personal information to yourself!

Try not to share personal information, such as your full name, phone number, email and physical address. These are all things that can be used to take advantage of you. 

Keep your money in your wallet… and your wallet in your pants!

NEVER give out financial information. Your social security number, credit/debit card number, bank information are all private information and should be kept this way. If you are conversing with anyone who requests money, or asks if you could help them financially, please contact and/or report the user.



 These are some signs that foretell a bad story. So, be one step ahead of the game, read the schemes first! Whenever you see one of these Red Flags, please report the user!

  • Their answer to the Vyve question has no relativity to the actual question.

  • A user asks to move off of Vyve application and chat elsewhere.

  • Asks you for money or for your personal information (What’s your address so I
    can send you some money, chocolates, and flowers – Oh My! Don’t fall for it!).

  • Sends you a message right away containing links to websites.

  • You see repeating pictures on different named users. (Veronica and Jessica are not identical twins, don’t fall for it!)

  • If they look like they are still in grade school or under the age of 18.

  • No foul language – any users sending evil, harassing, or offensive messages.

  • Users behaving inappropriately after meeting in person

  • Fake profiles.



  •  Our app is set up to get to know a person first… but we suggest you chat for a good period of time, maybe video chat as well to verify identity before you actually pull to trigger to meet in person!


  • Tell friends or family of your ventures, we aren’t trying to be a mother hen here, but these are the kind of things that do help! Also, if you don’t have any friends or family then feel free to shoot us an email, we are always here for you! (Except to talk about the weather, we don’t like small talk!)


  • If you do decide to meet, please provide transportation for yourself so you always have an easy way to bail! Also, if you decide to meet then do so in a place where there are more eyes on you than just the person you are meeting. Stay in an area you are familiar with and is well populated!


If you were engulfed in flames due to the fire in this document then stop, drop & roll!


Note: Vyve will never shoot you an email requesting your username and password. If you get something like that, then report it!