The Manual.

Reading this manual may not give you eternal life,

it will however, give you all the information you

need to know about Vyve. 


Personality First.

You see someone’s photo and it changes how you approach them. That’s why we took two steps backwards and put personality first. Vyve is all about building a relationship off of mental connection. Physical attraction is just a perk, or the icing on the cake… And we love cake.

Vyve questions are the best way to kick off conversation. Your match sees your answer, and boom... ice broken.

VQ's are logged and stored into your profile for safe keeping, and for your matches to get to know

you better later on.


We get it, not everyone will Vyve! That's why we prescribe each match so you only meet people who speak your language. Some call us the love doctors.

The Medicine. 

Vyve - Questions
Vyve - Seach Settings

The people you Vyved with are stored here. Only Five!? Yes. Sorry Rico Suave, you may have to do a little soul searching and truly get to know someone!


The more you chat, the more you see– unlock profile photos, social media links and question logs along with access to our exclusive in-chat camera to send pics to your matches in your MyFive.

The Big Reveal.

Vyve - Blurry Photo
Vyve - Semi Blurry Photo
Vyve - Reveal
Vyve - My Five

OMG, someone drops you from their MyFive while you were in the Mojave Desert with no reception and they thought you were ignoring them!?

No worries, users get 1 Revyve a day to save a relationship. Say what you need to say to get them back!